Juozas "Joe" Kaziukėnas

Friends calls me Joe. I am an experienced young professional and entrepreneur based in New York City. Started off writing software and have since gravitated towards building technology startups.

I have worked on many different online projects and have built a few successful startups before. Having tried many more failed prototypes, I’m focused on prototyping and shipping products fast. Growth is the most exciting part of the work, so I tend to manage technology and strategy.

I'm passionate about using technology to provide simple answers to complex problems. I have been an advocate of data science and building data-driven processes for a long time.

I have travelled the world talking about technical and business topics. I believe in challenging people to go beyond what they already know. This often results in exciting and unexpected outcomes.

Currently I'm doing this:

Don't like the serious look? Go with speaker, punk or scottish. Don't like the speaker look? Go with serious, punk or scottish. Don't like the punk look? Go with serious, speaker or scottish. Don't like the scottish look? Go with serious, speaker or punk.