Curriculum vitae

Friends calls me Joe. I am an experienced young professional and entrepreneur based in New York City. Started off writing software and have since gravitated towards building technology startups.

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Founder & CEO @ Marketplace Pulse2015 August – now, USA

Marketplace Pulse is the leading ecommerce analytics and insights startup.

We have developed proprietary technology allowing us to monitor and analyze world's dominant ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, etc. This has enabled us to build the largest ecommerce data set including millions sellers across dozens of marketplaces.

I oversee product vision and business operations.

Director & CIO @ E Revolution Ventures2012 August - 2015 April, USA

E Revolution Ventures Inc. is one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in the US. Most of the sales were done through channels like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. We worked with thousands of vendors to have over 100,000 products in stock.

I helped to grow revenues from $20 million in 2012, $45 million in 2013, $85 million in 2014, and to $125 million in 2015.

We built one of the most sophisticated systems in the industry to manage supply and demand by forecasting market conditions. The proprietary system mimicked a lot of techniques used in algorithmic trading. Every process including accounting, warehousing, buying and staff management was managed by our internal systems.

As one of the executives I oversaw the engineering and data science teams and worked with other executives to devise the company strategy. My main responsibility was to lead the technology innovation.

Founder & CEO @ Web Species2010 November – 2012 August, United Kingdom

Consultant @ RocketTheme2010 August – 2010 November, USA

Consultant @ 4C, INC.2010 January – 2010 August, USA

Consultant @ Allbus S.r.l2009 September – 2010 January, Italy

Co-Founder & CTO @ ManoKnyga.lt2008 March – 2010 July, Lithuania is one of the largest books ecommerce retailers in Lithuania. Launched in 2008 we were building a startup before anyone even used that term.

In my role as a CTO I built the initial infrastructure which included a storefront, warehouse management, payments and invoicing systems, etc. Later we built a team of engineers to further scale the operations.

As one of the founders I also worked on strategy and overall business direction to achieve profitability and sustained growth.

I sold my stake in 2010 to focus on new ideas.


I have worked on many different online projects and have built a few successful startups before. Having tried many more failed prototypes, I’m focused on prototyping and shipping products fast. Growth is the most exciting part of the work, so I tend to manage technology and strategy.

StockLevel B2B2015

Private wholesale marketplace. The goal was to automate and standardize information exchange between manufacturers and retailers. It helps manufacturers manage all the retailers they sell to, and allows retailers to buy more effectively, as if buying from Ultimately, it removes endless phone calls, email threads and fax messages. Failed to gain traction after the sales team talked to hundreds of manufacturers.


Conferences' material, like slides and video, sharing platform. Similar to SlideShare and SpeakerDeck, but with many improvements. Gained some traction, but could not foresee a business model as all the content was user generated and hard to monetize. Decided to shut it down as free-content platforms are not sustainable in a long run.


A PHP application hosting platform built on top of Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. The goal was to make hosting applications on Azure much easier, by removing all the complexity Azure had at the time. Built a prototype, pitched and demoed to PHP developers and Microsoft staff. Ended up shutting it down after learning that Microsoft is building a competing product.


Competition tracking and analysis tool for ecommerce retailers. Collects products' historical price and supply information in any number of competing stores. Helps with pricing strategies and buying. Was too difficult to scale to work for everyone, decided to close it and instead use it for private cases.

Thought Leader / Speaking

I have travelled the world talking about technical and business topics. From Japan and India to most countries in Europe, to the US and Canada. In front of small audiences at local user-groups to thousands of people at large international events. Full list of previous and upcoming talks.

Whisky Web2012-2013

While living in Edinburgh, Scotland I co-founded a two-day conference for web developers called Whisky Web. With a group of people we organized a ~150 people conference for two years, with Whisky Web II happening in 2013.

It was focused on web technology topics, recreational activities and Scottish traditions. The speaker list included people from all over Europe and the US, with speakers from big companies like Facebook and Google. In 2013 the conference venue was an old castle just outside of Edinburgh.

I worked on sponsorships, planning, speaker selection and financials.


University of Edinburgh

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Field: Computer Science
Study years: 2008-2012